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A mural is a painting or other work of art executed directly on a wall. Graffiti are writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched or painted illicitly on a wall or other surface, often within public view. Murals have been created by many artists including the renowned Mexican painter Diego Rivera. However, in this article we only look at murals created by graffiti artists, often illicitly but sometimes with permission of the authorities. Graffiti as an art movement began in the late 1960s and today some of the best known artists in the world are street artists. However, graffiti is still considered vandalism and some of the most renowned works by street artists have been removed by authorities. Here are the 10 most famous murals created by graffiti artists including Crack Is Wack by Keith Haring; Ethnicities by Eduardo Kobra; Banksy’s Balloon Girl; and the Facebook Murals by David Choe.

Location: Dewey Square Park in Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Artist: Os Gemeos

Year: 2012

The Giant of Boston (2012) - Os Gemeos
The Giant of Boston (2012) – Os Gemeos
Os Gemeos is a collaborative art duo of twins Otavio Pandolfo and Gustavo Pandolfo. This was a temporary, monumental public mural measuring about 70 feet by 70 feet which they created as part of an exhibition of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. It depicts a giant, yellow colored character in brightly mismatched clothes who appears to have squeezed himself in between the towering buildings that surround him. Os Gemeos have skillfully taken into account the curved roof of the structure as well as the surrounding skyscrapers. The Giant of Boston caused a controversy with some people criticizing it by linking it to terrorism related fears. However, by and large, it was an incredibly successful and popular artwork which enhanced the fame of the Brazilian duo.

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